Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Homeowners are required to submit a “Property Improvement Request Form” for property modifications, alterations, exterior construction, additions or erection of any nature for approval by the ARC Committee prior to any changes.

Examples of the categories covered by the Standard are: solar panels, mailboxes, decks, garbage cans, fences, exterior sculptures (ie. fountains, flags), storage sheds, gardens and play equipment.

Request Form

Questions and concerns may be address by one of the ARC committee members below. Once the form has been filled out, send it to one of them or our Property Manager.

The Request Form may also be found in our “Documents” section or below in “Step 2”  – just follow the links.

  • Step 1
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  • Step 3
  • Read the Covenants to determine if your improvements require approval (most do).  Follow instructions on Request Form by providing all requested information such as; copy of surveys, locations and dimensions of proposed improvements, building materials to be used, and any other materials such as photos that may assist the committee in reviewing your request.

  • Email a Request Form to one of the ARC members or mailed to the property manager (address is on the form). You can download this form in PDF format.

  • Wait to hear back. They usually respond within a few days.

Dennis Clark

Committee Chairman

Keith White

Committee Member