Safety on our Streets

Watch that Child!”

Have you ever seen a sign in a community where children were playing that says, ” Watch that Child” ?  If you have small children or kids playing on or near the street you may want to invest in one of these signs.

Safety is everyone’s concern please take it seriously by slowing down watching for children and pets.

And for you young folks, you need to be responsible too – drivers may not see you.

Covenant Enforcement

Community Inspection

August 1st, 2016

On Aug. 1st an inspection will be conducted for the purpose of upholding the community wide standards found in our Declaration of Protective Covenants.

Homeowners and occupants who disagree with a violation have 10 days to request a hearing and present their case to the Board of Directors.

Our Declaration provides guidelines for the Association to follow in case you are unsure of the Use Restrictions and Rules or procedures. It may also be found on this website under “Documents” if you do not have one. It’s recommended everyone make themselves familiar with this document and should you have questions or concerns to please email them to

Under Construction

This weekend, Sat. 14th, 2016 we are planning to repair the irrigation at our entrance. Please exercise caution as you enter and exit our community.


Emergency Vehicles

It’s important to remember our streets are narrow and should an emergency vehicle be needed, you don’t want your car to be blocking the road. Please park in your garage and driveway first before using the street.

Q1 Board Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for March 10th, 2016 @ 7 pm at the Grace Methodist Church 627 Taylor Rd., Greer SC 29651.