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Community Associations Institute (CAI)

CAI is an organization whose purpose is to support Homeowners, Property Managers and the various businesses who do business with both. As a homeowner in an HOA community you can find countless information and support through CAI about living in a community association. Although they are now international you can visit their National and State websites from our website. Clicking the ad in the top right hand corner where it says “Educational Resources, Community Associations Institute” takes you to National and CAI’s South Carolina Chapter,  in the lower left corner in blue letters, “Member of Community Associations Institute”, leads you to the State.


Welcome Committee

We now have someone volunteering to head our Welcome Committee, please welcome Jennifer Stom. We are delighted to have someone able to welcome and provide answers to new members of our community and know it will be appreciated. Thank you Jennifer!

If you think you might also enjoy greeting newbies to our community please contact Jennifer at

Special Meeting

The Board of Directors will conduct a Special Meeting April 3, 2018 at 6 pm for the purpose of reviewing Use Rules and Restrictions, establishing dates for 2018 BOD meetings and reviewing recent Property Improvement Requests. The location has not yet been established. Those interested in attending may email