Annual Homeowner’s Meeting

The 2017 Annual Homeowner’s Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 26th 2017, 7:00 pm at Grace Methodist Church, 627 Taylor Road 29651.
Homeowners will be mailed a packet of information sometime in Dec / Jan with all the details such as; agenda, proxies, financials, officer election and dues statement, etc. 
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Book of Resolutions

 Declaration Review

 Board and ARC members have discovered in some cases rules lacking clarity have caused problems with enforcement and disharmony in the community. To rectify this confusion the board has decided to review our document and where further clarification is needed will propose a resolution. Resolutions will then be voted on by the board, reviewed by legal counsel and entered into a Book of Resolutions. Each homeowner will be properly notified in advance of any and all new resolutions prior to enforcement. Note: resolutions may be disapproved by 2/3 of total homeowners .

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We Have a New Website

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