2019 Covenant Changes

After a review of our Covenant in 2018 the Board of Directors made some changes to the Use Restrictions and Rules. The ARC Committee will be enforcing these new rules after proper notification. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Covenant and review the new resolution in our document section and contact the Board or Committee if you have any questions. Thank you all for making our community a wonderful place to live and may 2019 bring you joy and prosperity.

Volunteer Positions Available

Volunteer 2019 !

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer in our community look no further. Positions are available each year whether it be on the Board or a Committee. New Board Officers will be voted on during our Annual Meeting however committee members can join anytime. The different committees are: ARC, Beautification, Communications and Welcoming.

Cars blocking Entrance

Safety is everyone’s concern.

When picking your child up at the bus stop after school please be sure you’re not blocking our community entrance. Parking on the side of the road to close to the entrance is interfering with traffic entering and exiting our community. Thank you for your cooperation.

Attention Renters: Welcome to the Neighborhood

If you rent a home in our community, you’re part of our community association, and we welcome you. We’d like to meet you at one of our  board meetings.

Sometimes we can’t reach you with our newsletters, especially if you’re leasing from an out-of-state owner or a corporation. If this is you, please let our manager or a board member know your name, address, email address and phone—and we’ll include you on all our mailing lists.

In case your landlord hasn’t passed along this information, here are a few tips to make living in our community enjoyable and stress free:

  •  All residents—owners and renters—must comply with association rules and regulations. They’re reasonable rules that protect property values, preserve the nature of our community, and make more life enjoyable for everyone. If you need a copy of our rules, please check our website, contact the manager or a board member. The association has the legal authority to enforce all rules, equitably and consistently. We don’t like to take action against those who may not have received this important information, but it’s our obligation to do so.
  •  Renters are entitled to all the privileges of association membership except voting. We can’t extend those privileges to you if we don’t know who you are. Contact our manager or a board member and let us know how to reach you. That gives you the advantage of knowing what’s going on in the community.
  •  You don’t have to own your home to be interested in your community. If you’d like to volunteer for a committee or other type of service to the association, we can’t wait to meet you. Responsible, service-minded residents are the backbone of our association regardless of their ownership status.
  •  If your lease is about up, and you’re moving away, we’re sorry to see you go; but, please notify the manager or tell a board member.

So, welcome to our community. We want you to enjoy your experience here—perhaps enough to become an owner some day.

Annual Homeowners Meeting


The Annual HOA Meeting has been rescheduled for Monday March 26th, 2018 at 6:30 pm, Grace United Methodist Church, Taylors Road, Greer, Sc 29651. If you are unable to attend please send in your Proxies. The Directors will conduct their first quarter board meeting right after the Annual unless time does not permit.

Heather Hills Annual HOA Meeting

2018 Annual Homeowners Meeting

On Monday, Feb. 12th, 2018,  7:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Grace United Methodist Church, 627 Taylor Road, Greer, Sc 29651 Heather Hills community will conduct their ANNUAL Homeowners Meeting.

All homeowners and residence are welcome to attend but if you’re unable to we ask that you please fill out the attached PROXY form in the information packet you will be receiving soon. Fill it out and mail it in (address is attached) or deliver it to one of the Board members.

There is one opening on the Board of Directors this year if anyone is interested in getting involved. Not interested in the board, how about joining a committee?


By Any Other Name

Community Assn Living

“Community association” is a generic term that encompasses many names used around the world to describe common-interest housing. A few examples include:

Common-interest community (CIC) is used by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.
Common-interest realty association (CIRA) is the term preferred by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Common-interest development (CID) is used by the California Department of Real Estate.
Condominium association refers to units like apartments, townhouses or other private units that are part of a single structure or group of structures.
Homeowners association (HOA) is often synonymous with “common-interest community” and usually describes a community of single-family homes.
Property owners association (POA) can refer to a residential community or a group of offices or other non-residential property.
Strata title is a term used in Australia, New Zealand, and British Columbia that describes individually owning part of a property, such as an apartment, and sharing ownership in the property’s common or public areas.
In France and some parts of Quebec, condominiums are called copropriété divisée (divided co-property).
The traditional term in Spanish-speaking countries for a common-interest community is propiedad horizontal.
Condominio is the term used in Italy.

Regardless of the name, most community associations in the U.S. are incorporated and subject to state statutes that govern nonprofit corporations. Remember, membership in an association is not voluntary; you become a member when you purchase a home in the community.