The Sat., March 28th, 2020 Annual HOA meeting at the Greer library has been cancelled. Per Greenville library system, all meeting rooms will not be available until further notice due to COVID-19 virus precautions.


The Association’s Board will continue to function while seeking a volunteer to fill in for the position of Secretary. Anyone interested should contact either the President, Treasure or Property Manager- Lesa Vermillion via email.


Every community has its challenges. They are resolved when people work together and find a solution. Getting involved by volunteering is a good way to maintain harmony in a community. It’s not uncommon to find HOAs where members don’t participate because these are the ones that fall apart; the properties are not maintained and their values decline. We don’t have this problem but we don’t want to wait until it gets to this point either. So please, volunteer when you can.


We are hopeful this epidemic will pass without infecting anyone in our community. Please take appropriate precautions and if infected let our Board or Property Manager know.

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