Declaration of Protective Covenants


Heather Hills Subdivision

Every homeowner should receive a copy of the Covenants when purchasing their home at closing time. A copy is also available here for download in PDF format.

NOTE: New 2019 Resolutions can be found in sidebar under “Documents”, see: ARC Resolution 11-23-1018

Highlights of the Covenants include…

  • How board members are elected
  • Architectural guidelines
  • The definition of “common property”
  • How dues are set, raised, and used
  • Requirements to change the Covenants
  • Bylaws of Heather Hills HOA
Document cover page:  Please disregard handwritten notes on cover page relating to HOA dues. This (handwritten note) does not reflect our dues, they have not been increased in several years and finally, due to the economy, the Association is sensitive to and reviews the subject yearly.