At each Annual meeting one (1) officer rotates off the board and another is elected to serve one (1) three-year term as a volunteer. Mandatory Board meetings are a minimum of 1 per quarter, usually lasting one hour. Any member may attend but not participate unless recognized by the board.  If an office can not be filled the president will appoint someone to the board.

Note: The 2020 Annual Meeting was unable to establish a quorum  and elect new officers (twice), therefore, the president will appoint a secretary and conducted business as usual until the 2021 Annual meeting where new officers will again be voted on.

Feb. 2017 Board adopts CAI’s Principals of Community Association Success

Bill Deane

Acting President

Shyama Booker

Secretary till 2023

Keith White

Acting Treasurer

In Honor of Their Contribution

Special recognition goes to our community volunteers for the hard work and hours dedicated to making Heather Hills a community one looks forward to returning to.

Note: HOA established in 2000, not all volunteer Board members are listed:

       Dennis Clark  (2017-2020)

       Bill Deane (2016 – 2019), (2019 –

       Martin Livingston (2016),

Keith White (2015 – 2018) (2019 –

Liz Arnold (2015)

Jessica Hutcheson (2012 – 2014),

Bill Deane (2013 – 2016)

Joel Hutcheson (2010 – 2013),

Chris Angel (2009 – 2012),

Tim Hutcheson (2011)

Derek Scott (2010)