The 2020 Annual Homeowners Association Meeting date will be announced by January 2020.

The Board of Directors encourage interested homeowners to consider volunteering. Homeowners should also understand it’s everyone’s responsibility to participate in the governing of our HOA in some capacity. Prior experience is good but not required. Communities are stronger when everyone understands how HOAs function, their purpose and the unfairness to community and individuals when the same people volunteer year after year. Besides board positions there are committees such as ARC, Beautification, Communications and Welcoming available. The Architectural Review Committee should consist of odd numbers of members in order to avoid a tie with decisions.

For those who complain about the way things are run, now is the time for your contribution. Board members are required to meet at least once each quarter. To support and assist new volunteers we will be returning to full property management with a premier CAI certified property management company.

Heather Hills Homeowners Association welcomes all new homeowners and reminds everyone we continue to be a desirable location while maintaining strong property values.

See you all at the Annual Homeowners Association Meeting in 2020.

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